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Races and more

Team Scooterrace.eu 3rd place at 8Hours race - Francorshamps 15-09-2013

                 Ivan Dombree - Gregory Fays - Tom Janssens - Sibren Van Kouteren



Special thanks for EPC SITTARD to help us make the scooter alloth faster!


U can read the report here = READ REPORT












Allready he took 1 victory at SOBW 2013.... Timmy Van Donderen - Thunderracing.

Good news about him! He got a new website, and it looks great with nice pictures and onboard movies.




We learned to know Timmy last year at 2Race, together we took a second place in the 2H endurance at Francorshamps.

He has helped me out with my scooter and fixed me a 98 front fork. Timmy is a guy who likes to help people, and has a great working space that ensures great quality and power!




Juvaincourt 18-19-20 May 2013 / Round 4 2Race



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This weekend is on Spa-Francorshamps track SOBW races.

Saturday 12/05 is the DDL cup and Sundag 13/05 the 4th Round SOBW 2013


 09-05-2013 Francorshamps training - Sarik Roufs on Scooterrace.eu-scooter.

It was a very good training day. The only thing was that my scooter did not run that fast. We will go to EPC-Sittard for more testing. We keep u up-to-date! (UPDATED!!)

Click here to go to the latest training update!

Mopedwars was crazy!
I raced my streetlegal (insurance and everyting!) velofax with 35km/u topspeed! Funny Shit!

→ 14 Avril 2013 second race at Douvrin France

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7 April 2013 - First Practice of the year at Marche En Famenne

We went to Marche to test the 2013 scooter. The first thing was my seat, it didn't fit me that good. Luckely Melvin Verstappen was there and loaned me his Sp seat, now i could drive! Suspension and engine did a good job! Still after 20 minutes my RPM dropped 1500rmp to 12.000.... Now i have to re-tune my Vario and Clutch for the first race. It was a good practice day without any crashes or engine faillure!

Sometimes it's hard to find a good website for weather forecasting.
Especially for racing they don't give alloth info on most site's.
On THIS PAGE u can find some good info for the next races.
 Hopefully u like it!

First test 2013

We went to Geel/Belgium to the home from Timmy Van Donderen. It was great fun and we did soms work on our scooters. Together working on the scooters, was nice because u learn from eachother and can exchange idea's!

The results

Testing the scooter was great fun. First i had to run-inn the new MHR Piston and after 15 minutes we did some test runs.

We did 5 runs in total, best run was 4Hp more than the first run!

The speed... We open throttle and got to 130km/h in a good time...

Now u think, how many HorsePower do u have?
       ==>> More than enough! <<==

See you at the first race in Francorshamps karting track on Sat/Sunday 16-17 of March 2013.


14 Avril 2013 - Round 2 - 2Race - Douvrin France

Pictures By - Annick Verdonck

     I did my best to leave words out like "Shit, Fuck, ass, motherfucker, bitch and gaylords"

My first race in 2013 did not go that
good... The first manche i had a great
start, from 14 to 9th position. But on
the straight end, i had to let some
faster Proto-bikes past me.
We were with 9 scooters and that's
more than we expected!

When we go into the last final laps,
the ProtoGp and RR class started to
double us, it was very hard to get
back in the race-mood!

The Second Manche i got rammed
in the back, 10 meter after start
got rammed again in the side!
Then i picked up the pace, got back
into the race, started to close in
on 3 scooters and got "blue Flag"
because of the faster proto's and RR.
I quit and put the scooter aside....

The scooter that was most close to
me was, Christophe van Hove on his
200cc 4Stroke! Crazy Machine!
I did not follow the correct lines on
the track and Christophe was to fast
in the end, but a great battle!

This race i did not have a good feeling.
9 scooters is not much, but i have seen
alloth less scooters on the startgrid.
Realy hope in the future we can drive
in diffrent classes and not all together
with the very fast ProtoGp and RR's.

Special thanks to Timmy Van Donderen.
Great technical support and a good friend!
Timmy was 2nd this race and did very well.
In near future we will come more together
for tuning and racing...

Visit www.THUNDERRACING.be for more info about Timmy!

And we can not forget Katrien and Gigi!
They try everything to make our raceday
as much fun possible. New riders and classes
don't come without any negative and positive
reactions... They do more than there best! THANK U


Filmpje Ivanos op Francorchamps, De zaterdag voor de 8H race.

Laatste filmpje van Douvrin is klaar!
2 Camera"s montage, Check it out hieronder

Scooterrace.eu & Thunderracing.be samen in 1 Team,
Goed voor 2e plaats algemeen en 2e Scooter.

Het bleek een super goede combinatie te zijn,
Ivanos van Scooterrace.eu en Timmy Van Donderen van Thunderracing.be!

Door stabiel en elk 1u aan één stuk te rijden wisten we een 2e plaats
te behalen op 2 ronden na Sarik Roufs van EPC.

Het volledige verslag volgt nog!

podium 8okt 2012 sarik ivan mitchel

3) Mitchel & Demspter, Jos
2) Ivanos (Timmy niet op foto)
1) Sarik
beker 2h 2race 2e plaats

8H Endurance te Francorchamps gewonnen door
Primo Racing

Primo racing won de 8u endurance gevolgd door SBO racing en op de 3e Plaats Verdonck Racing.

Ga naar nieuws voor de films, gemaakt door Scooterrace.eu!

primo 8u winnaar

Foto van Sarik Roufs, 2e algemeen, Eerste bij de scooters. (Sarik en Jos!)

Sarik diep in bocht 8H screenshot




Juvaincourt Summercamp 2012 was de MAX!


Nog een leuk stukje fun-race


(foto's door ANNICK VERDONCK)

Sarik Roufs spoort me aan om harder te gaan... En terecht!

Ivanos op Polini scooter van EPC

Sarik Roufs, Wint de race op scooterrace.eu scooter tijdens testrit!


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