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It's not easy to find new and good tracks these days for scooter-racing and small-bikes. Gigi & Katrien from 2Race found a track in Germany that is great! Only the asphalt needs some attention, for now we need to re-adjust our suspension and drivestyle to fit the track. A new challenge for drivers!

Bart Claeys had some bad luck with his scooter and dropped out the race.
Christope Van Hove takes the first place. He went around the track pretty fast and managed to keep Mamat behind him. Mamat Finished 2nd. 3rd place for the German driver Sasha Lindl, his scooter had some problem with the engine, otherwise i think he would be competing for 2nd or even 1st place.... Come'on Sasha!

A nice battle between, Jo, Tom, Cesar and Dominique. In front is Guido (German driver) who was a little faster than this group. Still this was the battle with the most exitement! Great fun to watch and i wished that i was there on the track with that group!

In the 2H endurance i (Ivanos) raced with Sasha & Guido. "GSI Racing" and we took 4th place, if we did not fuck up our pit-Stop we could be first haha. We had some fun and i want to thank Sasha & Guido for loaning me their scooters. My scooter is in repear and in the future we will compete together in a team for endurance races.

Special thanks to the ADAC federation-Germany for giving us the chance to race on their track!

Allso thanks to Steve from Diabolo for the Pictures and support in every Racing-Class. Without him their would be less drivers... Thanx Steve! www.diabolo.lu

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