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3rd Place 8H endurance

3rd Place 8H endurance


It was a sunny Sunday and we took 3rd place with the scooterrace.eu-team.
Overall we finished in 5th place.

Picture above : Ivanos filming start 8H Endurance (picture defbike team)

Het general result after 8Hours racing.

 - Green zip :
Tom Janssens / Ivanos

- White zip : Sibren Van Kouteren

- Black zip : Gregory Fays

We each raced around 45minutes and than came in the pits to change pilot. All changes went smooth and we only encountered 1 crash by Gregory. After his crash he still managed to go around pretty fast. Other than that, Sibrin his scooter had some problems after a few hours. Tom his scooter did the whole endurance pretty good. Tom started the race and he brought us on a 4th general position the first hour.

Cesar - Mamat & Niels- DIABOLO SCOOTER TEAM - Champions 8H Francorshamps 2013

They went for the kill! Each raced more than 2hours, they more than deserved to win this race. Congratz to the team and Steve from Diabolo.

Niels Cools....
 Guest rider on the scooter from Diabolo... Nobody should give this crazy man a scooter! Look at this!!! Just kidding, they can call themself a super-team.

Enjoy the movie from this 8H event by 2Race.

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