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SOBW 2013 - ASSEN/Round 1

SOBW 2013 - ASSEN/Round 1


The first race from SOBW.nl was on the TT Junior Track in Assen - Netherlands.
Scooterrace.eu was not at the track this weekend, not for driving and not for filming, still after we seen this pictures... We will try to make it on a few races in the Netherlands!

Picture found on www.thunderracing.be - Timmy Van Donderen

Here are the results from the first race.

*What is very exiting is that DDL champion 2012 finished in 6th place after 5 new riders! What else can we expect tis season?! (DDL had some issues with a broken finger they told me, sow we can expect him to go faster in the near future)

*Sarik Roufs dropped his polini scooter and finished in 5th place, we wish him more luck and better grip, for the rest of the season. KEEP IT ON THE TRACK SARIK!

* Mitchel Wintersberger takes 3rd place his first race, On a brand new R&D Stage6 RT machine. It looks like Mitchel is in the good mood and tries to take on anybody! Good Luck to him

*Timmy Van Donderen in his new colours says he liked the first races alloth and will try to compete more in the front of the races. This crazy driver will do anything to get where he wants!

The individual resulsts from each rider and race u find HERE

Picture Gallery by: Michel Elhorst

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